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April 16, 2018

Hey Kids!

NEWS! The venue is SECURED and we are working on the details right now. This website and the Facebook group will be getting all the info as soon as it's ready. Soon, I promise! :) You'll also get it via email for those that have given us valid email addresses. If you STILL have not gotten your SAVE THE DATE email, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email us at As Arnold would say, "DO IT NOW!"


April 9, 2018

Hey Kids!

Working hard in the background to get this reunion together for y'all! BTW, Fact of the Week: "All y'all" is the plural of "Y'all". Betcha didn't know THAT!! So, if you STILL haven't gotten our "SAVE THE DATE" email, send us an email to I want to make sure EVERYONE knows about the 40th Reunion coming up, so NO EXCUSES! Brief snow showers possible for this week and that begs the question, WHERE IS SPRING????


April 4, 2018

So, emails have gone out to let you know to SAVE THE DATE! If you haven't received your email yet, check your Spam folder and any other place it could have wound up. If still no joy, PLEASE CONTACT US AT and let us know. We do have 40 emails that are no longer valid, and after over 10 years I'm not surprised. That's 40 folks that won't know about this upcoming fabulous event. Don't be one of those 40!

So that you don't miss anything, make sure to let us know if you didn't get the email and whether or not you'll be attending. This is your 40th REUNION, Peoples!!! EXCITING!

April 2, 2018

Hey Kids! I waited until this day to post the following, so you wouldn't think it was an April Fool's joke!

IT'S OFFICIAL! Save the date, Classmates! Our 40th Reunion is locked in for Saturday, October 13th. We will have something Friday night, before the reunion, and possibly a brunch on Sunday. Everything is a bit fluid right now, so as soon as we got it all finalized, we'll let you know here, on Facebook and via email. We're also working on hotel rooms for those coming in. Nothing guaranteed or set in stone just yet.

Please start looking into flights so we can all be together again! If anyone wants to be on the reunion committee, or can help with anything else, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Also, please find those photos you promised to look for 10 years ago. We need them for the new video, so GO FIND THEM!

December 22, 2017

Hey Kids! Your Webmaster here with a year end update. The plans for our 40th Reunion (Yes, FORTIETH!!!) are moving along slowly, but surely. More info will be coming out in the next few months. Also, this website will be undergoing a major makeover in the next few months as well, making it more friendly, warm, inviting and groovy. Because we're all STILL groovy after all these years, aren't we? :D

Sadly, as much as we tried, we couldn't end the year without our family losing another member. The matriarch of the Schweitzer clan, Jackie's mom Sondra, passed away on December 21st. She was surrounded by her family as she quietly, and peacefully, slipped off into eternity. I can only hope she's having a grand time being reunited with her husband Bill, my parents Jack and Inez, and all the other members of the family that left us in the past 36 months. The years 2015, 2016, and now 2017, were not too kind to us, but we are still here supporting each other and picking up the pieces of our shattered lives. It's all temporary, as most of these things are, but it doesn't quite dull the pain of loss.

At the end of each year, we'd exclaim that "next year has got to be better than this one"! Well, here we are and it hasn't turned out that way for a bunch of years in a row. If anything, it's been the opposite. But, that won't stop us from trying, once again, to coax the appropriate deity into granting our wish: "Please make next year better than this one. We've gone through enough suffering and pain, and really could use some calm and peace in our lives".

That's a wish, if granted, we could ALL use.

May 29, 2017

Hey Kids! Your Webmaster here. So, a year and a half has passed since my last update and once again, so many things have happened. Here's the short list of happenings in the last 18 months:

- The passing of my father
- We also lost Larry Siegel (Executive Reunion Committee member), his cat Spike (Chief of Security), and several other classmates and their spouses
That last child who went off to college is now GRADUATING!
- Reconnecting with old friends and family
- Making plans for the 40th REUNION! Yeah, that's right. FORTY YEARS! Good Gosh!

We are now entering into the summer season of 2017. PLEASE make sure you spend the time enjoying what summer offers with friends and family. Take the time to relax and enjoy life in the moment and don't forget to smile. You can never tell when it will end suddenly, so ENJOY IT NOW!

November 22, 2015

Yes, it's been a while since our news has been updated and the time for a 35th Reunion came and went. So many things have happened in the last three years that it would be almost impossible to list them all. Here are just a few of them:

- Superstorm Sandy (need I say more?)
- The passing of my mother and Jackie's father, including six others in the extended family
- Taking care of the remaining parents, as they struggle through their health challenges
Getting the last child off to college
- Making sure both of us stay as healthy as possible (not that easy!)
- Passings of our sympathies and condolences to members of the Class of 78 who lost family

As we approach this year's Thanksgiving holiday, our wish is that all of you get to spend it with family and friends that you care for, and that appreciate who you are. There's nothing better than good food, good friends and good family getting together to enjoy each others' company.

At the end of each year, we'd exclaim that "next year has got to be better than this one"! Well, it hasn't turned out that way for a bunch of years in a row. If anything, it's been the opposite. But, that won't stop us from trying, once again, to coax the appropriate deity into granting our wish:

"Please make next year better than this one. We've gone through enough suffering and pain, and really could use some calm and peace in our lives".

That's a wish, if granted, we could ALL use.

September 15, 2012

Yes, that's right folks! It's September of 2012 and time to start thinking about your THIRTY FIFTH REUNION!

We need updated email addresses (you know who you are!), we need to find people on the MISSING list (we know who YOU are!) and for those of you on Facebook (isn't the world on Facebook???), please send a message to Jackie Schweitzer Guerrera and get the ball rolling with updated info, catching up on life, etc, etc.

Before you know it, 2013 will be here and it will be TIME TO PARTAY!!! If the Mayans were RIGHT, see y'all in the afterlife. But, if the Mayans were WRONG, the 35th Reunion of the Long Beach High School Class of 78 is ON!!!!

October 24, 2010

50th Birthday Bash Follow Up!

Well, well, well. Who would have thought that a bunch of old folks like yourselves could have such a GREAT time hanging out, talking, eating and dancing! As your web and email master, I hereby declare that the Long Beach High School Class of 78 be regarded as the MOST INCREDIBLE lot of classmates EVAHH!!!!

Over two years ago, many of you came face to face with fellow classmates you hadn't seen in 30 years. Saturday night, many of you did it again as new faces showed up to celebrate in "Jackie Style"! We also had some classmates from other years in attendance, as our influence and ability to party is known far and wide. Imagine that. <wink wink>

Thanks to all of you who were there. It sure was a blast of a party!


We'll get our current crop of pictures up and available for viewing as soon as they are processed, followed by an email letting you know they are online. For those of you that have pictures you want to share, PLEASE send them to our email address:

Now, let's get out the calendar and see when the next celebration will be... :)

October 23, 2010


See you all tonight. Looking forward to a GREAT time with my fellow classmates!

For you LAST MINUTE types, click on the "50th Birthday Bash" link above for final attendance information.

October 16, 2010


We are down to the wire! The response has been great and now we need the rest of you who haven't fessed up that you're coming to TELL US! The caterer needs a count and so do we, so don't wait. DO IT NOW!

Click on the "50th Birthday Bash" link above and contact Jackie at the number shown on that page.

October 6, 2010


More and more people have paid to join us at the LBHS Class of 78 50th Birthday Bash! We KNOW there will be more. Let's make this the BEST birthday party EVAHHH!

Click on the "50th Birthday Bash" link above.

September 13, 2010


Our PAYMENT PAGE is now open! The number of people saying "YES" goes up each day, so don't miss the party of the HALF CENTURY! Click on the "50th Birthday Bash" link above. Don't wait. This type of party only comes around once in a lifetime, so DO IT NOW!

September 4, 2010


More and more of the 50th Birthday Bash is coming together quite nicely, thank you! So... it behooves you to get your 50 (or 49 or 51) year old rump in gear to make sure you'll be attending! All of the necessary info is available by clicking the "50th Birthday Bash" link above. Don't wait. This type of party only comes around once in a lifetime, so DO IT NOW!

August 16, 2010


Your LBHS Class of 78 website is undergoing massive updates to accommodate the incredible demand for information about our upcoming 50th Birthday Bash! We'll be finished very soon, so keep that SAVE THE DATE in mind: Saturday, October 23rd, 2010!

More info will appear here, up there (at the top of this page) and in your email inbox, so watch that too.

You only turn fifty once, so DON'T NOT BE THERE!

May 5, 2010

Dear Classmates,

It has been almost 2 years since our 30th reunion and we are still talking about what an amazing party it was! There have been so many friends that have reunited as well as new friendships made. We are at the age when old memories bring a smile to our face. This year, most of us will be turning 50 and it's time to celebrate as one big fun group!

The LBHS Class of 1978 50th Birthday Party Bash is scheduled for Saturday, October 23rd, 2010.

At this time, there are a few locations being considered depending on the size of the party. If you would be interested in joining us for this festive event, SAVE THE DATE! It would be really great if all of us could celebrate our 50th together.

Keep checking this website and your inbox for more info and updates!

Thank You!

Jackie Schweitzer Guerrera

January 23 2010

Pictures are UP! Thanks to all that asked about them and wanted to know when they'd be back. We now have FOUR, count 'em, four albums for your viewing pleasure. Just click on the "Reunion Pictures" link above and enjoy!

January 22 2010

Hi folks and welcome back! It's been a LOOOOOONG time since our last entry here! The pictures from the LBHS Class of 78 Reunion Weekend will be moving into their new home shortly and news of its successful completion will be posted as soon as it's done.

October 28 2008

Our Reunion Video and the short Class Picture video from Manor East are now on the "Reunion Pictures" page. Have a look there and relive the moments!

October 22 2008

Connections and more connections! Glad to see you folks slowly making your way to Facebook and Yahoo to make contact. Remember, keep sending in those pictures!

October 18 2008

So much FEEDBACK! Thanks to all who took the time to send in their comments and suggestions. Keep 'em coming! Our Facebook and Yahoo Groups are open and ready for business. We're opening the doors for you folks to reconnect, so get going!

October 16 2008

We have FEEDBACK! Check out the column on the right for all the feedback from the Class of 78. The feelings and emotions are coming out in huge waves of text as classmates fill out our survey to let us know how they felt during our Reunion Weekend. Haven't sent in your feedback yet? Click "Reunion Survey" above and get to it!

October 15 2008

Now that our incredible Reunion Weekend has come and gone (way too fast if you ask us!), it's time to poll the class and see what worked, what didn't and what you'd like to see for our NEXT event!

Please take a few moments to enter your name and comments on our Survey page. We'll edit and post these on our website for the entire class to view. Don't hold back! Tell us how you felt about the entire weekend and any specific things you experienced.

We are so appreciative of the comments we've received so far and we'd like you to have your say. Many thanks for taking the time to send us feedback! Click on "Reunion Survey" above.

October 13 2008 - PART TWO

The links to our LBHS Picture Galleries are now available from our website! Click on "Reunion Pictures" above and you'll get the links to all three picture repositories. Pictures are being added as they come in from classmates, so check back for more!

October 13 2008

We are here and fully recovered (I think!) from the most incredible Reunion Weekend ever! Pictures from all three events are flying in at warp speed, so please keep them coming. If you have pictures from any of the events, please send them to us by clicking HERE and we'll include those in our LBHS Picture Galleries. THANK YOU to everyone that helped us over the many, many months it took to plan and execute this three event weekend and THANKS to all the Classmates and teachers that attended and celebrated with us.

More pictures will be posted from Manor East over the next few weeks as the photographer goes over what was taken and stitches together the IMMENSE CLASS PICTURE from Saturday night. Not to worry, more is a comin'! If you're not a member of our mailing list (WHY NOT??), click on "Contact Us" above, tell us you want to be on it and we'll send you updates when they happen.

And this sums up the entire weekend:

October 12 2008 - PART TWO

We just finished the last leg of our marathon Reunion Weekend - Sunday Brunch at Long Beach High School! So many people showed up to celebrate with us and partake in lots of "brunch food". Pictures from our brunch will be up soon, so stay tuned to this website for the link to click on! Thanks to everyone that came today!

October 12 2008

The BIG EVENT just finished and EVERYONE had a great time at Manor East. The food was great, the drinks were great, the music was great and the connections made just might last a lifetime! And now on to the final leg of our Reunion Weekend journey - back to where it all started - Long Beach High School for our Sunday Brunch!

October 11 2008

Last night, so many people showed up at Paddy McGee's in Island Park for food, drink, schmoozing and lots of other stuff. Everyone had a GREAT TIME catching up and reconnecting! Tonight is the BIG NIGHT at Manor East. MAKE SURE YOU'RE THERE! This event will go down in Long Beach High School Reunion history as one of the best ones ever. DON'T MISS IT!

PayPal is now closed and we are accepting CASH ONLY at the door!

October 10 2008

THIS IS IT! The Reunion Weekend starts TONIGHT! PayPal will be closing at 11:59 PM local time THIS EVENING, so if you intend on paying using that method, do it NOW! After tonight, we will accept CASH ONLY - no checks, no money orders, no credit cards, no IOUs, no beads nor trinkets!

October 9 2008

Click on "Look Who's Coming" above and see how many Classmates are attending. Do you REALLY WANT TO MISS THIS?????

ONE DAY TO GO before our Reunion Weekend begins!!!! Need I say more? You ARE coming to this spectacular weekend with us, aren't you???? Break out those fancy duds (or not so fancy) and join us for what will be a WEEKEND TO REMEMBER!

October 8 2008

TWO DAYS TO GO before our Reunion Weekend begins! Are you STILL sitting on the fence about coming? It's time to GET OFF THE FENCE! One, because it probably hurts by now and two, because you'll have a FANTASTIC TIME! If you haven't paid already, click on the PAYMENT OPTIONS link above and get it done. Time's a wastin'!

October 7 2008

THREE DAYS TO GO before the start of the most "fantabulous" Reunion weekend ever (if you have teenagers at home, pronounce it "EH-verrrr")! We are now in the home stretch and all the many, many months of planning are rapidly coming together like a huge jigsaw puzzle. Fortunately, we have all the pieces! Get ready, get set, get dressed (no, it's NOT optional!) and we'll see you VERY, VERY soon!

And for you last minute stragglers, PAYPAL IS STILL AVAILABLE AS A PAYMENT OPTION, so get to it NOW!

October 5 2008

The final touches are being made to what will be an INCREDIBLE Reunion weekend and the only thing missing is YOU! If you haven't paid yet, the time is NOW! We want YOU to be there. So, go to the Payment page by clicking the Payment link above and get to it!

October 1 2008

It's here... THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! NINE DAYS to go before the start of the LBHS Class of '78 Reunion Weekend! If you haven't sent in your payment for what will be a FANTASTIC reunion weekend, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR????? DO IT NOW!!!!

September 22 2008

And the moment you've all been waiting for.... (insert drum roll here).... the list of WHO'S COMING is finally ONLINE! Click on the "Look Who's Coming" link above for the latest on who will be attending the LBHS Class of '78 Reunion Extravaganza. The list will be changing DAILY, so check back for updates.

September 20 2008

The Friday and Sunday events information is now available! Check your Inbox for the latest email from the Class of 78 mailing list or click on the Invitation page link above for the most up to date info.

September 1 2008

The Class of '75 Commencement Booklet and the Class of '78 Prom Invitation are now ONLINE! Click on the Yearbooks link above.

August 20 2008

Due to the terrific response we've gotten to our Special Discount, we are extending the deadline to Monday, August 25th. The price is still $90 until the deadline, so send us your payment now and save! To take advantage of this special offer, click on the "Invitation / Payment" link above.

July 23 2008

We are offering a $10 discount off the price of admission to the LBHS Class of '78 30th Reunion Party. From now until August 20th, the price for our Saturday night bash on October 11th will be $90. Send us your payment now and save! To take advantage of this special offer, click on the "Invitation / Payment" link above.

May 21 2008

The Long Beach High School Class of 78 Yearbook Scanning Project is now complete! YIPPEE! There is still some clean up to do (those pages come up as "WORKING ON THIS PAGE!") and as soon as we can get those "clean", online they will go. So, click on "Yearbooks Online" and get those memories flowing again. ENJOY!

May 20 2008

Our 30th Reunion Invitation and Payment page is now ready! Click on the "Invitation & Payment" link above to get your formal invitation and information on how you can send in your payment for our fabulous upcoming REUNION EXTRAVAGANZA!

May 11 2008

We're still scanning, editing and putting the pages up online as we get them done, but I wanted the classmates to know that all of your gorgeous mugs are now available for viewing! We'll be completing the entire yearbook very soon. Click on "Yearbooks Online" at the top of the page.

Apr 18 2008

The Long Beach High School Class of 78 Yearbook scanning project is now underway at full steam! Because of the number of pages involved (185), we are putting each page online immediately after scanning and editing so YOU, the Class of 78, don't have to wait! We know many of you don't have access to your yearbook and you've just gotta see how you looked 30 years ago, so we're not going to have you "chill out" until the whole project is done. Just another value added service from your friends on the Class of 78 Reunion Committee!

APR 2 2008

Our Long Beach Junior High Class of 75 Yearbook is now ONLINE! Click on "Yearbooks Online" above and take a stroll down Memory Lane!

Mar 15 2008

Added to our "Reunion Weekend Info" page is a list of places to stay if you're looking to "hang out" before and after the reunion. Special rates available as long as you say the "secret phrase"!

Mar 3 2008

We are preparing to send out more information on our Fabulous Reunion Weekend! In order to ensure that the maximum number of people are up to speed on what we're doing, we need to have your contact info. If you haven't given it to us yet, please click "Contact Us" above and let us have it!

Feb 24 2008

The Great "Missing Alumni" Search has begun! You can help us by clicking on "Found/Missing Alumni" above and if you know the whereabouts of anyone in the MISSING column, click on "Contact Us" and let us know!

Feb 21 2008

The Long Beach High School Commencement Exercises booklet for June 25, 1978 is now online! Click on the "Yearbooks Online" link at the top of the page. We'll have the Junior High and the High School yearbooks up soon!

Feb 17 2008

Mailing list and "welcome" emails have started going out to our classmates! If you've given us your email address, look for the "LBHS Class of 78" email in your Inbox and follow the instructions to join. If you HAVEN'T given us your email address, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???? Click on "Contact Us" above and send an email with your contact info to get access to all the details on the fabulous reunion weekend we're planning. DON'T MISS IT!

Feb 14 2008

Website development is continuing and nearing completion of Phase One. Alumni lists are up, other pages are being populated with relevant content and the Yearbook Scanning Project is underway. Our Reunion Email List has been created and is undergoing testing.

Feb 10 2008

Creation of this website. Domain name registration and initial placeholder webpages loaded.

Dec 2007

The number of found alumni has crossed the 50 percent mark.

Nov 2007

"Class of 78" database created to secure alumni contact information.

Oct 2007

The Class of 78 Reunion Committee was formed. First set of meetings focus on contacting classmates and potential venue locations and dates.

Oct 2006

Discussions begin on the plan for a 30th reunion in 2008. Email "feelers" are sent out to start the process of finding people.

Mar 2006

Idea for a 30th reunion is born on





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